What Does My Name Mean? Click Here To Find Out

Welcome to the most sophisticated name database in the world. Not only it will show you the meaning of your name but it will also find other people with same name, find possible love connections (with pictures), the origins, history & much much more.


First name:

Last name:

Please include the “what will I look like in 20 years” option.

Popular names:

8 Comments » for What Does My Name Mean? Click Here To Find Out
  1. What Does My Name Mean says:

    haha I love this.

  2. Jenna says:

    Wow it even showed me possible matches on facebook. AAAA+

  3. SuperJohn says:

    did anyone else LOLED hard when they saw their picture 20 years later? this is some cool stuff.

  4. FRekO says:

    recommended. Plenty of valuable info + some funny additions. No other site that I’ve seen provides this.

  5. MADly says:

    Yeah this thing rocks but i am HELLA ANNOYED by their security checks. :/

  6. Khamis says:

    my name khamis naqqash plz tell me my name meaning
    World News

  7. David Gordon says:

    This is a fascinating subject!

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